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Youth Pro-Challenge 2024

You can train well as per the Dutch training methodology, your chance to learn a new Soccer style- European Soccer. The Youth Professional Challenge program is structured across 12 days of intense training and competition where you are introduced to the highest level of Dutch soccer, play in different parts of The Netherlands. The first three days of training help you reach the peak of your potential by providing ample space to push your boundaries to get challenge-ready for gameplay against the Dutch youth pro- players already playing for the best Dutch clubs.

Talent Identification Program

Get the opportunity to level the playing field of Dutch Soccer and up your game. Get to know and play Dutch Soccer with a structured 360-degree training model to ensure that you have a clear pathway to the highest level within the world-class setting to grow and develop as an individual and team player. To cater to every aspect of training- from physical duels and agility to smartness, the program includes team field sessions four days a week with former Dutch professionals and individual training once a week with an emphasis on decision making and tactical game management and leadership. Following the 4 weeks, a system of tracking and analysis in place helps to measure performance and progress and identify the future areas of focus. Nutritional training and management is yet another component of the Talent Identification Program.

Challenge Academy

A program that takes care of the training before and after traveling to Europe. A preparation training program to help you get ready for the tour to Europe. Europa Challenge Academy is located in the heart of San Marcos, CA, a scenic landscape perfect for Soccer Training. Girls and boys of age 6 to 17 years can enroll in the program with basic skills of football and train together to expose themselves to Dutch Soccer on a highly competitive, consistent, and stable platform for eight months which inspires them to be goal-oriented with problem-solving skills up their sleeves
This program is aimed to give the Street Soccer mentality along with functional technology. It covers aspects like mental toughness, strength & conditioning, leadership, and ability to improve and are evaluated for the same. Our play concept encourages the players to give their best, instill the confidence of winning and develop a can-do attitude on the field with sportsman spirit to win against the opponent without hostility.
Evaluations of the youth players are based on their performance overseas where they had ample space to grow through training and challenges.

Professional Player Trials

Professional Player Trials is the best program for novice football players with all the facilities available to get them to the top so top performances can be delivered. Authentic partnerships with pro clubs in Europe give the edge to the Europa Challenge to provide youth players the access to the opportunities to train at the highest levels in the Netherlands with the top tier European clubs to develop the skills to succeed as champions. The individual player trials in the Netherlands follow the same format as Dutch “Eredivisie” to provide a rich and intense International Soccer experience.
With all the individual trials in motion, only the best and driven players reach to European Football Club for trials for paid soccer after a long and tiring road, which makes them earn that spot instead of just getting it.