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The Netherlands is home to the finest Soccer and has emerged as a nation with huge success in the International Soccer field deploying the Dutch style of Soccer. The Dutch style of Soccer earned its global stardom as the European and International Powerhouse in the early 1970s and is synonymous with the most lauded player Johan Cruyff, who enjoyed substantial success by earning Eredivisie titles, European and intercontinental cups with space and creation create- the core of the Total Soccer philosophy. The Dutch style of Soccer is one of the finest Soccer in the world which has had a great influence in revolutionizing the game worldwide and top-level players for decades.
What made the Dutch style of Soccer earn recognition and nods worldwide? The Dutch style of Soccer, famous as Total Soccer taps into the organizational structure in its tactical playing theory as the game-changing strategy to deliver fluid game. In simple words, every player can play in every position with the use of technical skill and intelligence in reading the state of play in a fast-paced fashion to take advantage of the other team’s opposition and use space to create chances. This swift change in the position based on the on-pitch events solidifies the team’s organizational structure.
To adapt to the philosophy the game demands players to be highly skilled, adaptive, and versatile so they are comfortable playing attacker, mid-fielder, and defender as per the situation.
While the players keep maintaining a chaotic carousel for the opponent team, at the heart of the Dutch style is controlling space with possession of the ball, making the pitch wider and bigger and out-thinking the opponent with the pattern of passing and movement.
You will often see the past players following the mantra of squeezing the space with no ball and when in possession counter-attacking, adapting an offensive play in the most breathless fashion.
Dutch-style Soccer is a visual treat with such an abstract fashion that retains the beauty of football that coincides the good soccer with beautiful soccer. The Dutch Soccer players are acclaimed for their style and the quality to be adept in identifying a seamless tactical solution for each given problem.
The Total Soccer philosophy has garnered many wins in history for the teams adapting to the strategy. Amongst the most prominent adaptations was the Ajax, who enjoyed a successful period after deploying the Dutch Style. Drawing over the philosophy of Total Soccer, Austrian Wunderteam in the 1930s, Argentina side ‘La Maquina’ of River Plate in the 1940s, and English side Burnley in the 1950s, as well as Brazilian side Santos in the 1960s, won the league titles and international accolades.
Hence, the Dutch style of Soccer is the benchmark to train the youth footballers that negates the static regimented training environment most of the trainers and coaches are embarking upon to build players. Soccer Player Development with Total Soccer theory can help them get accustomed to the ball control and tactical philosophy, which has proven to be successful for world-class players and winning teams. No one can pull a great play better than the European leagues with Dutch Soccer Style. A firm foundation for youth player development – breathe and live Dutch style of Soccer

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